how to make rooibos tea latte

How To Make Rooibos Tea Latte | Video Recipe

In this article and video tutorial we will show you how to make rooibos tea latte.  This lesson will be presented by coffee shop owner and coffee consultant Joey Papa. He says that you can make great Rooibos tea latte at your home as long as you have right ingredients at your disposal. Also you will need an espresso machine.

Other ingredients to make good rooibos tea latte are:
– cold milk from refrigerator
– two tea bags of rooibos tea
– sugar or vanilla syrup (depends on what lavour of your Rooibos Tea Latte you prefer)

Step 1: Put your two Rooibos tea bags in the cup and fill half of it with boiled water
Step 2: Steam your milk
Step 3: Remove your tea bags after about 3 minutes
Step 4: Add your steamed milk to your Rooibos tea concentrate
Step 5: You can add sugar or vanilla syrup. This depends on how sweet do you like your beverage to be

These were just short steps explaining how to make rooibos tea latte.

For detailed instruction watch Joey Papa´s video where he shows each step in detail.

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