slimdown secret

Rooibos Tea | Slimdown Secret by Dr. Oz

We all know that Rooibos tea has many health benefits but maybe you did not know that one of them is also fat weight loss.

In the following video Doctor Oz talks about slimdown secret of South African women. And yes, it is drinking of this delicious rooibos tea. Simply swap one or two cups of coffee for this tea each day and you will be on the right track to losing some weight.

For more detailed informations and discussion about weight loss benefits simply watch this short video.

The Red Tea Detox

So what do you think? Is simply drinking rooibos tea each day a good way to lose some weight? I think that if you just need to fine tune your body and do not want to excercise or diet, in that case it is an easy way to achieve your goals.

I would like to hear your comments and experiences.